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Welcome to Spirit Aura

Knowledge comes from two sources:

  • Learned perceptions:
    the lower mind, memory, programmed conditioning from family, loved ones and society, which we call being in our head. Not all but most physic read these thoughts.
  • Intuitive Knowledge:
    the higher mind, spiritual thought, divine ideas, thoughts that come from direct reason. Knowledge without perception.

To experience your higher intuition first learn to meditate or practice acts of inner listening through feeling still. “Be still and Know that I am God.” Your “still small voice”, intuition, that gut feeling is more reliable than your intellect. Joy without cause is also a good way to atone to your inner sense of Higher Self. By being just happy or praising creation for no fixed reason is a way of knowing a spiritual divine idea. If you know the idea you are close to the source of that idea. All higher guides, teachers and angels of light embrace and consistently vibrate the TRUTH of BEING. If you know these truths you are able to listen to guidance from them.

Inspirations from Robert Wood